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Buying Land in Canberra

If you haven't selected the block of land for your new home, good!
You need to talk to us first.

Selecting land that will work with your home design, and that has optimal solar access, could save you big money when it comes to building and long term running costs. It can also have a major impact on your lifestyle and comfort.

Things you need to consider:

  • the size and shape of your home
  • the size and shape of the site
  • whether you want a single or double storey home, or even split levels
  • surrounding streetscape, homes and landscaping that may affect your block
  • erosion and sediment control
  • will the block need to be cut or filled to suit your home design
  • the land estate or suburb Lease and Development Conditions (also known as L&D's)
  • noise issues surrounding the home
  • biodiversity impacts on the site
  • trees or driveways that must be retained
  • easements or power lines that will restrict the design of your home
  • the soil classification of the site, or surrounding homes

Most importantly, what is the orientation of the site? Does the block face north, south, east or west?

This question more than any other will determine how your home will be designed, particularly if you want an energy efficient home that will be cool in summer and warm in winter, with reduced long term running costs.

FREE Site Inspection

At Today’s Homes we offer a FREE Site Inspection of your block of land, or the block you are considering purchasing. One of our land experts will meet with you on your site to discuss your block’s advantages and disadvantages, and help you identify and understand any potential hidden costs that you may not be aware of.
You can register for your FREE Site Inspection by going to Make a Booking

Or for more information, download our free LAND brochure below.

A Site Inspection of your block of land could potentially save you thousands of dollars when it comes to designing and building your new home. We have the knowledge and the experience to help you make the right decision about your land. We’re experts just a phone call away, and we're here to help you.