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Home Rebuilding in Canberra

What You Need To Know

Knocking down and rebuilding sounds daunting, but consider the advantages:

  • You have a home that’s all new, as opposed to half old;
  • You don’t have to design around what’s already there;
  • You get to stay in the neighbourhood you love;
  • You avoid the stamp duty and selling costs of moving; and
  • You’ll preserve the equity you have in your land.

Planning Your Home Rebuild

So don’t worry about all this being daunting. Today’s Homes will make your experience trouble free, the BuildCare way. We invest the time up front so that you get the home you really want in the end.

No compromises!

To learn more about BuildCare, download our PLAN brochure.


What we’ll do for you:

  • Coordinate the whole project from start to finish;
  • Carefully assess your site and discuss its possibilities and potential with you, FREE of charge;
  • Work with you to understand how you want to live, then create your ideal home design;
  • Integrate the demolition, site works and building processes for maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience to you and your family;
  • Organise all permits and approvals; and
  • Provide a fully inclusive tender and fixed price building contract.

To learn more about our knock down rebuild process, download our REBUILD brochure.

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