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Home Design Gallery

Easy Living – Affordable Solutions

The homes featured in our Easy Living design gallery have been selected based on value for money, energy efficient design and an easy and affordable lifestyle solution. These home designs are ideally suited for compact blocks.

Comfort Plus – Energy Efficient Design

Why design an energy efficient home? To take advantage of natural energy flows to maintain human comfort, they make less of an environmental footprint, they are healthier and more comfortable to live in, they are cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and the long term running costs are significantly reduced. Our Comfort Plus range of homes in Canberra showcase our most popular energy efficient designs.

Aspire – Inspirational Designs

Opulent, Indulgent, Luxurious and Prestigious are all words that spring to mind when viewing our Aspire range of home designs. This design gallery of ‘top pick’ homes offer ideas for those wanting that little extra, the WOW factor, a step above the rest, that home you’ve always aspired to.