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Frequently Asked Questions



Can we see other homes you’ve built or are building?

We are happy to offer a list of addresses of previously built homes which you are able to drive by, and we can also arrange a walk-through of a house nearing completion. 


We do not calculate a house price based on a per square meter rate. For us to calculate the exact cost of a home is a very complex and thorough process. It is a step by step procedure involving design development, assessing site conditions, customisation of inclusions, and the list goes on. We are unable to give a definitive answer in the early stages however we are able to provide a price guide. At your ‘Price Guide’ meeting with Brendan (the builder) he will sit with you and discuss your design study (or plan) and give you a better indication of price. We do not provide a fixed price until working drawings are completed, and the entire customisation process is completed. Then we are able to provide you with a ‘no hidden extras’ fixed price contract. 

How long does it take to build a house?

Every home design is different, and every block we build on is different. We strive to get you into your new home as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the finish, or the service we offer. We tailor a schedule for each individual project prior to construction and we have very thorough quality control systems in place to ensure your home is built within the agreed timeframes.

Do you comply with current building regulations?

Yes, we have engineers and building certifiers that check the building at different stages throughout construction.

Can you help me with the design of my new home or renovation?

Yes, we have an in-house draftsman, and access to other draftsman we regularly work with. Either way, we are involved throughout the entire design process to ensure you get the home you are after at a price you can afford.

How long has Today’s Homes and Lifestyle been around? Is it a local company

Today’s Homes and Lifestyle began its operations in 2001. It is a family owned and run business and services the ACT and surroundings NSW communities such as Googong, Jerrabomberra, Murrumbateman, and Williamsdale.

Can we talk to people who’ve built with you?

We offer all of our customers a list of testimonials and referees who can be contacted to answer any questions about us. You can also find some testimonials on our website.




What is the process to obtain a Building approval to commence construction?

Today’s Homes and Lifestyle will ‘hold your hand’ and guide you through what needs to be done and when throughout the entire design, approval and building process. We will arrange (or assist you with) all the items required to obtain your Building Approval. This can include, but is not limited to: the developer’s approval, ‘dial before you dig’ approvals (if applicable), entity endorsements through TAMS and ACTEW AGL, and finally the submission of your Building Approval through ACTPLA &/or a private certifier. If applicable we will even contact your financier direct to see if they require any information or documentation from us to speed up your finance approval so we can commence construction.




How does the certification process work?

Every home is inspected by an independent certifier at critical stages of the build process. The independent certifier sends us a copy of the inspection report confirming the inspected stage has passed. AT the completion of the build process the independent certifier send this information to ACTPLA to verify the inspection records and to ensure that anything the independent certifier has identified over the course of the build has been rectified. A final inspection is conducted to obtain the final Certificate of Occupancy.

Are we able to supply our own products and trades throughout the build?

Yes, this is called an owner supplied item. Should you, or someone you know, have the appropriate insurances, qualifications and meet our OH&S requirements to work on one of our sites, Today’s Homes and Lifestyle is able to provide the flexibility for you to contract your own trades for particular items throughout the build. You will be required to sign an Owner Supplier Item disclaimer which clearly outlines your responsibilities.

What are Progress Payments?

Progress payments are payments paid by the client, or the client’s bank, to the builder. These are calculated as a % of the total contract. They are billed at designated stages during the building process – see below

  • Foundation & Slab
  • Lower Level Brickwork (This depends on the type of build and may not be included in your contract)
  • Frames & Roof Trusses
  • External Linings
  • Lock-Up
  • Paint
  • Practical Completion

You will be sent an invoice when your job has reached the completion of each stage.


Do you have standard inclusions?

Yes we do, however these can be changed during the selection process. We are a custom home builder and offer our clients the flexibility of selecting their own finishes.



Post Construction

What happens with our maintenance issues?

We have developed a very thorough DLP Program which clearly outlines your responsibilities and our responsibilities, in respect to ‘deffects’. Once your home is handed over to you and you move in, you have a 90 day Defects and Liability Period (DLP) where you can record any defect items. Our DLP Program has been designed to ensure your home is of superior quality and ensures this process is managed quickly and smoothly, so you can get on with enjoying your new home.