When it comes to what we’ve always dreamed of, it is always imperative to be aware of the basic traits to know if he or she is the right and perfect one for you. If they don’t possess these then red flags will be hoisted.


When it comes to finding the dream house you have always wanted, building trust is the most important aspect that needs to be established when communicating with each other. And how do you do that you might ask, by being honest with the buyer, by being honest with yourself. Your realtor must lay on the table exactly what to expect, down from the smallest details to the systems that operate the electricity, water, and just every single thing you need to know about the house. It’s all about being able to explain everything that the realtor is doing, and everything that the house possessed. Find yourself Real estate agents Dandenong that are committed to honesty.

Confident and Well-Groomed

Over-prepared is better than underprepared or not prepared at all that is why realtors have always worked hard in preparing their houses for showing. To be over prepared makes the realtor confident that the house will sell, that he knows every inch of detail that the house has to offer to their prospective buyers. Displaying confidence makes the prospective buyers more comfortable because being confident manifests that the realtor has put in all the work, done everything to ensure utmost satisfaction, and appear more professional, being so increases the chances of selling the house.

Possesses Knowledge

Is your dream home near the mall? How far is it from the local market? How is the security? What about the hospital? These are only a few of the questions that need to be answered and provided by the realtor. This implies that the perfect realtor must be completely knowledgeable about the local area because this is extremely important when it comes to selling a house to a person, especially for someone new in town. A house is only one part of defining a home.

Great Network

A realtor should be partnered with the best agency that provides the same service that they do. Being partnered with an agency that is top notch implies that they also know and are partnered with the best contractors, the best bank for loan services, and the best insurance company in the business. This also ensures the prospective buyers that they are buying the house with someone with great experience in the business, knowing that they will be provided with top care, and great quality of customer service.

All in all, when looking for the right realtor, they must possess this single word. It’s all about credibility. It’s what harmonizes the relationship between the buyer and a seller to seal the deal of your dream house. It is important that they know every detail not only in the house but also around the neighbourhood, that they have been experienced with the work that they do and see the passion and tenacity being part of their character. Looking for the right one has never been easy, but when you do, make the right choice.

Shane Hodge

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