For those in the construction industry, particularly those working with high-rise building projects, tower cranes are among the most vital equipment and heavy machineries that would make your construction project a success. One of the main purposes of tower cranes is to lift heavy materials that will be used on higher floors.

Lifting up steel and concrete could be trickier and difficult, but with the use of a tower crane, it would be easier and would significantly cut the construction time since the materials would be timely transported. If you don’t have your own tower crane, they could be rented out, just make sure though that you are renting the best tower crane operator.

How to know if you are hiring the best tower crane operator? Make sure that they observe the following:

The Tower Crane Operator Should Be Abiding Safety Protocols

Working in the construction industry is dangerous especially if safety protocols are not being followed. If you are outsourcing a tower crane, make sure that you are hiring tower crane consultants that values the importance of keeping the construction site safe for all the workers.

And since tower cranes deal with heavy materials and supplies, they are more likely to be involved in serious accidents and injuries. Part of the safety protocol is following the allowed weight load. Making sure that the tower crane is only operating and hauling materials not exceeding the allowed weight load. When the operator is careful, the likelihood of accidents is minimized.

The Tower Crane Operator Should Properly Maintain the Tower Cranes

A tower crane could only properly function if it is well maintained. Since it is dealing with heavy lifting, its nuts and bolts are more likely to be loose during use. No matter how small you think these parts are, they could still cause massive accidents or injuries and could make the tower cranes to malfunction. When using the cranes, the operator must also ensure that there aren’t any debris on top of the crane that could fall or be blown away.

The Tower Crane Operator Should Know How to Use the Crane No Matter the Weather

Of course, it is recommended that when it is raining or snowing that any construction work is halted. But what if the work started when the sun is up then suddenly the weather turned for the worst and there is heavy downpour? If the operator doesn’t know how to use to properly “park” the crane when it’s raining, it might cause accidents or might be swayed by the strong winds and cause damages to your construction project.

There have been numerous cases of accidents and injury involving tower cranes. If you don’t want your construction project to be included in these statistics, be doubly wary when choosing which tower crane operator, you employ. Of course, you would not find one with a perfect record of no serious incident but find one who manages to handle the situation with less casualties and with an effective contingency plan to adopt.

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