Changing residences is stressful on many levels. First, you and your family will be moving to a new place, so there’s the anxiety associated with moving in general. Then there’s the stress of packing everything up and transporting it all to the new place. You won’t know just how many things you own until you have to pack it all up. Yes, moving can take a toll on your emotions. But there are ways to reduce the stress you feel. Here are some suggestions:

Come up with an Organizing System

One of the best ways to lift a burden off your shoulders is to have a system to organize everything. Take this advice from how companies approach huge projects. One big project can be overwhelming for anyone. The best way to make the project seem doable is to break the big task into small, more manageable ones. Try this with your moving project.

Start by buying cheap moving boxes in Melbourne that will help you better organize the things you need to pack. Label the boxes and sort each by the room. You can label which room in the new house the boxes should be placed and the movers will do it. When you do finally move in, all you would have to do will be to unpack. This system would make the unachievable seem perfectly doable.

Keep an Inventory

While you pack things into boxes, take inventory notes. It will help you organize your new home better keep track of things you are moving. If you don’t want to lose things on the way, an inventory would be necessary. It’s recommended to make notes of every little thing you own, even if it’s a hassle. You can get other family members to chip in and help if it’s becoming too much. You can take inventory notes on a smartphone or a tablet, which would be easier to transfer between people.

Make a Checklist

If things to do are piling up, make a checklist. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as you check things off this list. It will also prevent you from forgetting something really important the last minute. You may find yourself adding new things to the checklist every day. What’s important is that you keep track of things you are supposed to do in a realistic manner, instead of just mental notes.

Phase it Out

Don’t try to cram everything into a weekend. Start the moving process months ahead. You can pack up non-essential items like room decorations early on. Phasing it out will help you get things done in a timely manner without forgetting anything. It would also take a lot of the stress out of the process because you are handling things little by little.

And last but not least, get help from other family members, friends, and perhaps neighbours who are willing to help. Having more people assist your will relieve most of the stress you feel. Don’t try to do everything on your own. If you are moving with other people, it’s essential that they chip in an help in significant ways.

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