Apartment hunting for the very first time can be daunting. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when you do it…

  • Security – try to find out about the general security of your neighborhood. Has there been a lot of crime happening recently in the area? What about the general security measures of the apartment building? Is it sufficient? Do they have CCTV cameras in the parking lot?Will you be given permission to add additional security measures to your apartment, if you decide to opt for it? Try to find the answers to all these questions before you decide on an apartment. Remember, if your home and your family is not safe and sound, you will have a harder time relaxing.


  • Storage – with apartments, it is vital that you have plenty of place for storage. If your apartment building offers you a storage unit, it is always a great option. If your potential home has sufficient room for extra closet space, that’s great. But if it doesn’t, will you be able to put up wall storage? Will your landlord object to it? It is always better to find out before hand…

  • Parking – does the potential apartment buildings that you have visited have parking spaces? How many spaces is allocated for each house? If you have an additional vehicle, could you get a parking permit for it? What about visitor’s parking? Will your visitors be able to park their vehicles over night in your parking spot? Find the answers to these things…even if you don’t have a vehicle at the moment. Remember, the near future is not seen…and anything is possible.
  • Visitor and pet permission – some apartments have very strict policies in regards to visitors and pets. Even if you have no friends in the city, it is still a good idea to find out about it. the last thing you want to do is turn away friends when they want to spend the night at your place. The same goes for pets. You may not have a pet to speak of at the moment, but it is still a good idea to find out the policies in regards to them.
  • Interference of landlord/landlady – in a city where you don’t really know anyone, the advice and suggestions of a landlord or landlady can be interesting and even appreciated; but if they over do it, you’ll find yourself annoyed before long. The best way to find out if this is true in regards to your landlord, is to talk to your building neighbors. You might even to get to know the best places to eat around your neighborhood in that conversations…!


Shane Hodge

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