Buying a house of your own is no small step. For most people, it is almost the ticket to adult hood. If you are planning a house of your own, then it is natural that you feel a little confused about the whole experience. Here are a few pointers to help you out…

  • The security of the home – Unlike with living in a dorm or an apartment, the thing with buying a home is that it is permanent. And while it may be the appeal of you opting for this kind of home, it pays to remember that it is costlier to make the wrong decisions here. Pay good attention to the crime rate of the neighborhood. You might even want to talk to your potential neighbors about it.

  • The noisiness of the neighborhood – how close to traffic is your new home? If you are sensitive to sound, this might mean you will be spending many sleepless nights until you get used to the sound…or at least until you make your bedroom soundproof. Try to visit your potential home at many parts of the day, and both in the weekdays and weekends. This will give you a pretty clear idea about what to expect sound wise.
  • The distance you would have to travel – here, we mostly mean the commuting distance. If you will have to battle traffic both ways, no matter how perfect your home is, you’ll find yourself wanting to move again. Be that it is to your workplace, your children’s school or the distance to parents home, it is always best to find a home that is convenient to it all. It also pays to find out where the nearest convenient store, grocery store or pharmacy is.
  • The potential availability of adding more rooms or expanding certain rooms – it is quit true that you need to live in the present; but you also need to anticipate the future. It might just be you and your significant other at the moment, but there is quite a possibility that your family will expand in the near future. See if your potential home can stand that expansion. The kitchen, bathrooms or dining room for example might need to be expanded, while you might even have to add an additional room or two. Make sure this is possible in the houses you are considering.

  • The outdoor space – while you might not be much of a gardener, it is true that you can benefit a great deal by having an outdoor space. From exercising to sunbathing to even working outdoors, there is plenty that you can get out of a porch, a pergola or a sun porch. Remember that you can even convert it into a safe play area for our kids.

Shane Hodge

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