Planning on selling your house? This can be quite a bit of work since selling a house is not just putting up a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard and uploading a few picture-perfect areas of your house online. There’s more to making your house visually pleasing and the most important thing is, getting the best deal out of it.

However, if this is the case and you still want the best deal out of your sale. You can’t expect potential buyers to just come in and make an offer. There are a few things you need to do before putting up your house on the market.  Follow these simple tips that include a few costs which can be covered once you put up a price tag.

Get Yourself a Good Real Estate Agent

Many opt to do their own selling and saving up money that they would be paying for the agent. This can be a tempting urge but in a competitive market you will be well off with a good real estate agent to seal the deal. Simply because realtors are well informed of the markets and are better networked to find you a better deal. Additionally, you will well be out of any disastrous transactions that might cost you money and time.

Having said that, don’t just hire an agent by turning your phone directory or from a flyer lying around the house. Do some research, arrange a meet and check for recommendations before making a choice. And if you’re looking to sell in the suburbs of Sydney, try real estate agents in Kensington, who are both knowledgeable and cater to specific markets in and around the area.

Make a Grand Entrance

It is a common fact that buyers do judge the value of the house by its outer appearance and should this be inviting, then you’ve already made your first impression. The trick is to make them come in and want to see more. So, invest in doing a few things outside of your entrance. Planting a few flower pots, repainting the front door are minor work but can make a difference.

Create Space and Remove Personal Items

Remove any personal items such as family photos, artwork or furniture. This creates less distractions for the viewer who can visualize their own personal items in these spaces. This will enable the buyer to place themselves in the house and increase chances of a sale. Additionally, make sure that all valuable belonging to the family is kept in safes or carefully locked away.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Clutter around the House

There is definitely a ton of stuff that needs to go right out of the house before you even think of inviting people into it. Make sure to pay special attention to visible areas such as counters, racks, shelves, windowsills, tables. You never know what limits potential buyers would go to, so de-clutter your drawers, closets and cupboards as well. Make space as much as possible so that buyers can visualize enough space for themselves. Besides by this time you will be done with giving away most of the stuff and planning your move is much easier with less stuff to pack up.

Turn the Walls into Neutral Tones

Buyers may have different tastes and know that you can’t please everyone in the process. But you’re pretty safe with repainting your walls into neutral colours. Besides, light colours allow them to create a sense of space and envision their own colours on the walls. Even if you’re not planning on a full repainting project on your house, make sure you do some scrubbing and touch-ups around walls, doors and baseboards.

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