Do you want to sell your home fast, yet for the right price? If so, here are a few great suggestions for you…

Do up all the spots that need care

It goes without saying that when a home has been used for a prolonged period of time, it would have accumulated a few cracks and leaks. These leaks and cracks might be minute in your eyes, but in the eyes of potential buyers, these are things that lower the price and value of your home. Take the time to hunt these out and fix them. Even the smallest drip is a something for your potential buyers to fix and spend on once they buy your home. If you feel you are too immune to spot them yourself, get the help of a family friend or neighbor


Give your entire home a fresh coating of paint

Never underestimate the magic that a proper coat of paint on your walls can do for your home. this is one of the simplest tricks used by real estate agents to sell homes faster; and for a more satisfying price. It is also one of the least expensive tricks. If you feel you are not ready to paint the entire home, at least make an effort on the outside walls; as well as the bathrooms. The outside, because it is the first impression your potential buyers will have of the home; and the bathroom, because this is the space people need to feel most comfortable¾apart from the bedroom, of course.

Hide away the clutter and the contradicting decorations

Clutter has a way of making any space feel smaller than it is. It also gives your potential buyers the thought that you don’t have enough storage space in your home. this might affect your home value. One of the simplest solutions for this is to arrange your home, and hide away the clutter. In addition to the clutter, it is also best if you can hide away art and other decorations that might be a little uncomfortable to your potential buyers. This is especially true when it comes to unconventional picture walls.


Make use of the correct professional services

In this case, we mean all sorts of professional services. A cleaning service to present your house better, a gardening service to bring your garden to order, a real estate service to get your home sold to the right people and the right price…the list is quite long. Pick and choose what services are suitable for you, and what services you actually want to spend your money on. Trust us, each of them have their own unique use when it comes to selling your home.

Shane Hodge

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